Withdrawal from a course

If you wish to totally withdraw from Curtin:

  • You can apply for leave of absence to hold your place in your course for up to a year.  This may give you time to assess your situation.
  • If you wish to discontinue your studies you must withdraw from all your units, then  you may submit Application for Withdrawal Online to be officially withdraw from a course.

Where a course withdrawal request is submitted after the last withdrawal via eStudent it will not be processed until after the official results publication date for the study period.

Please contact Finance Department on your refund of course fee for total withdrawal as well as for International Student who wanted their Security Deposit to be refunded.
If you are International Student, your student visa and pass will be cancelled once your withdrawal is processed. Please liaise with the International Student Office (internationalstudentoffice@curtin.edu.my) for via cancellation prior to leaving Malaysia.