Readmission to Terminated Course

Appeal period passed? Apply for re-admission to your course.

Find out how to apply for readmission.

If you want to apply for readmission into a course that you have been terminated from, you need to contact the Admissions Office. See below for details.

If you have missed your appeal period or appeal were unsuccessful, you can still apply for re-admission. Please visit our Academic Calendar for information on application closing dates.

Required documents:

You will need to email the required documents to the email below before the last application date:



If you have any questions in relation to applying or need assistance completing the form, please contact the Admissions Office.

After the Admissions Office has received your application, they will contact or update you via email.

The assessment may take 7-14 working days or more, so please start to apply for readmission as soon as possible so that you do not miss the first day of class.

Please refer to the notification email from the Admissions Office.

Please make an appointment with your Head of Department to discuss your enrolment.

The Enrolment Office will notify you via email when to start enrolling. Please proceed to enrol in units as advised by your Head of Department before the last day to add units.

Please visit our Academic Calendar for the dates of last day to add units.

You may complete the Enrolment Form and email to your Head of Department for approval.

If it is approved, your Head of Department will email the approved Enrolment Form to the Enrolment Office.

Enrolment Office will notified you after your enrolment is updated in the system.

Please visit our Academic Calendar for the dates of last day to add units.

If your request for readmission to terminated course is unsuccessful, it certainly does not mean that your time here at Curtin has to end, nor does it mean that we cannot help you further in pursuing your academic goals. Below are the options you might consider:

Domestic Students

  1. Accept the decision and take a break from study. You can re-apply for readmission after 12 months (or in some instances 6 months).
  2. Please refer to the notification email from the Admissions Office.

International Students

  1. Please refer to the notification email from the International Admission Office.
  2. Accept the decision. This will result in the International Division being notified that you have ceased studying, and further action will be taken on your visa cancellation.

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