If you have completed one or more study periods and you are continuing in the same course you are considered to be a re-enrolling student.

You can re-enrol via  Curtin Malaysia eStudent.


The re-enrolment commences dates and re-enrolment deadlines are listed on the Academic Calendar.

You must also be aware of other important enrolments deadlines such as last date to add units and last date to withdraw units (census date) to avoid any further charges. All these deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.

When enrolling in units you need to consider your study load and any unit requisites.

Before enrolling you will need to meet the academic status requirements:

  • Good Standing – you can re-enrol as per your offer.
  • Conditional – you are permitted to re-enrol but may be subject to conditions which are determined by the Faculty. You will be notified via Official Communication in OASIS/email of  any enrolment conditions and the next steps. Generally you will be advised to enrol into only 75 credits per study period in an effort to improve your academic status. You also have the right to appeal using the Academic Status Appeal process.
  • Terminated – you are not permitted to re-enrol into the course. You can seek admission into another course or appeal your termination. You will be sent an Official Communication via OASIS which provides further information.

Please refer to the information HERE  for more information or you can contact Examination Office ( for further details.