Manual Enrolment

Manual enrolment is applicable in circumstances as below:

  • Enrolment for more than 100 credit points in a semester (overload)
  • Pre-requisites waived by the school
  • Enrolment for IEP students

Steps to Re-enroll manually

  • Complete the change-of-enrolment form
  • Complete the “Request to Enroll in More than 100 Credits in the Current Semester form
  • Consult the Head of Department/school to request for HoD’s signature of approval.
  • Submit approved form to the Faculty Admin Office – Faculty Admin will forward the form to Enrolment Office for further action.


Please print your enrolment advice slip from your Curtin Malaysia eStudent for your reference in the future. Please do not discard slip until enrolment is confirmed accurate by Census Date.

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