Domestic Student Pass


All Malaysian Non-Sarawakian students MUST apply for the Student Pass through the Student Services Department (Student Pass Office) during the Orientation Week (O’ Week).

It is a requirement by the Immigration Sarawak for Malaysian Non-Sarawakian students to apply for the Student Pass while studying in Sarawak

Students must apply for the Passport (Dokumen Perjalanan Terhad or Malaysia International Passport) before applying for the new student pass.

The Student Pass has a validity of up to 1 year. It is a student’s responsibility to check the validity of your Student Pass including your passport to ensure that you are not overstaying in Sarawak. Please make sure your Passport validity is not less than 7 months before you renew your student pass.

Students must achieve satisfactory class attendance for your student pass to be approved for renewal by Immigration.  Your attendance record will be submitted by the faculty officers to be submitted with your renewal application.

Please renew your Student pass the earliest 3 months before the Student Pass expiry date.

Students who renewed their student pass within 1 week of their flight departure date will be advised to go to the Immigration Office personally for further advice on the exit Sarawak procedure.

Student pass which expired for more than 6 months, you will not be able to renew your student pass.  Student must apply for the New Student Pass application.

All Malaysian students holding a student pass under Curtin University, Malaysia must curtail their student pass before they leave the university. It applies to categories as below:

  • The expiry date of Student Pass is more than 6 months upon leaving Curtin University, Malaysia
  • Students who are withdrawn/transfer to other institution/applying Leave of Absence(LOA)/ Graduated

Please submit your curtailment documents at least 10 working days before the flight departure for submission to Immigration Office.