Further Assessment & Assessment Extensions

Further Assessments

Further assessment is also known as a supplementary assessment.

There is no application process to apply for a further assessment. Further assessment may only be approved by the Board of Examiners if you:

  • Are enrolled in a unit within your first 200 credit point of study in your course or it is the final study period of your course
  • Have attempted all required assessment tasks for the unit and have marginally failed the unit
  • Have not been found guilty of Academic Misconduct in that unit.

If you are eligible for a further assessment you may only be offered two opportunities for a bachelor level course or one for all other courses.

If you are granted a further assessment you will be notified of the date, time and venue in writing via either

  • your Official Communication Channel in OASIS
  • a hard copy letter
  • an email to your student provided account.

If you pass the further assessment, you will be awarded a pass in the unit. The mark of the initial examination or assessment will be retained.

It is your responsibility to be available to attend or complete the further assessment based on the instructions provided by the organising area.

International onshore students must attend their further assessment at the Curtin campus in which they are enrolled.

Assessment Extension

Assessment Extension is a process involving the formal permission for a student to delay the completion or submission of an assessment task after the deadline. This may apply to assignments, tests, examinations and other forms of assessment.

Where an Assessment Extension extends beyond the date of the Board of Examiners the interim grade ‘Deferred Assessment’ shall be used. Deferred Assessment is the formal approval, by the Board of Examiners, to delay the determination of a student’s final grade in a unit to permit the student to complete an assessment task(s) at a later date.

Assessment Extension cannot be used to defer a unit to a future study period.

Application for Assessment Extension

To apply for an Assessment Extension please submit an ‘Application for Assessment Extension’ form. This is available from the Current Students forms webpage, or as a Quick Form through your my studies tab in OASIS.

Please submit the form to your unit coordinator or head of school before the assessment deadline. If you are unable to submit prior to the deadline due to exceptional circumstances, the form may be accepted up to five working days after the deadline.

Exceptional circumstances that may warrant approval of an extension include, but are not limited to:

  • Student injury, illness or medical condition of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible;
  • Family issues (for example, family injury or illness, bereavement etc) of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible;
  • Commitments to participate in elite sport or other activities that warrant favorable consideration;
  • Commitments to assist with emergency service activities (for example, bushfire protection);
  • Unavoidable and unexpected work commitments (for example, relocation, changes to fly-in/fly-out schedules).

The unit coordinator or Head of School (or nominee) must be satisfied that the reason you were not able to complete an assessment task was due to exceptional circumstances beyond your control.

An application for an Assessment Extension will not be accepted after the date of the Board of Examiners’ meeting.


Where the grounds for applying for an Assessment Extension are injury, illness, disability or medical condition of you (or a family member), you will be required to provide a signed statement from a medical practitioner registered by the relevant National Medical Board on your Application for Assessment Extension form.

Please note, statements signed only by a pharmacist are unacceptable, and all exceptions must be approved by the Academic Registrar.

A School or Faculty may require you to provide a medical certificate or signed statement as described above from a specific medical practitioner or range of medical practitioners where this is considered warranted. Letters of support from the Counselling and Disability Services, including Curtin Access Plans* are also acceptable if relevant to your case.

Note: A Curtin Access Plan is a formal communication document from the Counselling and Disability Services recommending ‘reasonable adjustments’ for students with disabilities/medical conditions.

Where the grounds for applying for an Assessment Extension are work commitments, a letter from you employer clearly supporting your claim is required.

In other situations, documentation appropriate to the circumstances will be required as determined by the unit coordinator, Head of School or Board of Examiners.

Any dispute regarding the required level of documentation (including any requirement to provide medical certificates from a specific medical practitioner or range of medical practitioners) shall be determined by the Academic Registrar.