Academic Status

All students commence their course with an academic status of Good Standing. However, less than satisfactory academic performance will result in a review of the status to either Conditional or Terminated.

Changes to your academic status may affect your course continuation or ability to re-enrol.


Good Standing

An academic status of Good Standing means you are achieving satisfactory course progress and are permitted to continue in the course and to re-enrol.

  • Students on a status of Good Standing have a Semester Weighted Average (SWA) of 50 or higher.


An academic status of Conditional means you are at risk of not achieving satisfactory course progress but are permitted to continue in the course and to re-enrol under such conditions as may be determined by your Head of School.


An academic status of Terminated means you have not achieved satisfactory course progress and are terminated from your course. You are not permitted to continue in the course or to re-enrol in the course without approval from the Academic Registrar.


*A Working day is defined as all days Monday to Friday including all State, country and religious observances.  However with the exception of the 5 day Easter observance ie Good Friday to Easter Tuesday inclusive and the 14 day University Christmas/New Year break, ie from the Monday of the first week until the Sunday of the second week inclusive.

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