Credit for recognised learning (Advanced standing)

Did you know you can receive credit for prior learning? Find out how much credit you could receive.

Advanced standing is also known as recognition of prior learning, credit for recognised learning and credit transfer.

You could receive credit if you have already studied units (subjects) listed in your desired program.

If this applies to you, your previous learning may be recognised and matched against a similar unit in your intended program. This means you may be exempt from doing part of the program and you could finish your program in a shorter amount of time.

You will need to apply for your desired program prior to applying for advanced standing. Your CRL application is assessed with your program application and is noted in your letter of offer. You can apply for credit for specific units within your course, or elective units if the course structure permits.

  1. Unit outline – A description of units you have previously studied: The unit outline should contain detailed information about the syllabus, learning outcomes, assessment, texts and learning experiences. Please note: unit outlines for completed Curtin units are not required.
  2. Academic transcripts: Please provide full academic transcripts that contain your unit results as well as the marking or grading key.
  3. Official documents to confirm your completed study (if applicable): If you are using your completed qualification to apply for advanced standing – such as a TAFE Diploma or Advanced Diploma – please also upload your Final Award Certificate confirming program completion.

Advanced standing is awarded for different types of learning, for example, studies you have previously completed. To be eligible for advanced standing for Curtin units, you must demonstrate you have achieved the learning outcomes of those units.

Advanced standing can be assessed as part of your program application. Alternatively, you can submit an application after you have received your program offer.

  1. Advanced standing can be considered for successfully completed units, courses and relevant work experience you have undertaken in the previous 10 years. This time-frame may be shorter where professional accreditation standards must be met, or where there have been significant changes in your field of study.
  2. Units studied at undergraduate level are not typically considered for advanced standing at postgraduate level.

If you transfer from one Curtin program to another Curtin program, any units you have already completed will be recorded on your study plan.

You do not need to include these in your  application. If unit transfers do not appear on your study plan after you are notified of the advanced standing outcome, please email to Admissions Office (