Student Pass Renewal

The Student Pass has a validity of one year. It is a student’s responsibility to check the validity of your Student Pass including your passport to ensure that you are not overstaying in Sarawak. The Domestic Student Pass Office will assist you with the renewal process.

You are required to prepare the below documents for the renewal process:

  • Malaysia International Passport or DPT Passport  (MUST be valid, not less than 7 months)
  • Fill in Borang Imm.55-Pi9n.1/93 (Application for Extension of Visit Pass). (Please print the form from the website. It can be printed in black and white. 1 copy only)
  • Borang Format A (Format Tinggal Lebih Masa) / Overstay. (Print this form only if your student pass has expired. Please print the form from the website. It can be printed in black and white/1 copy.)
  • Photocopy of Passport Detail (Malaysia International Passport – Passport Detail, Malaysia DPT Passport – Page 1+2+3+6)
  • Photocopy of Entry Details (either stamped in passport or white slip issued by Immigration Officer at the airport)
  • Old Passport (Only if you have renewed or applied for the new passport)
  • Letter of Offer (1 copy)
  • Result (From 1st semester until current semester/student can print it from Curtin Malaysia E-Student)

Important Reminder:

  1. Please renew your Student pass the earliest 3 months before your student pass expiry date.
  2. You must achieve satisfactory class attendance for your student pass to be approved for renewal by Immigration.  Your attendance record will be submitted by the faculty officers to be submitted with your renewal application.
  3. Students who renewed their student pass within 1 week of their flight departure date will be advised to go to the Immigration Office personally for further advice on the exit Sarawak procedure.
  4. Student pass which expired for more than 6 months, you will not be able to renew your student pass. Students must apply for the New Student Pass Application. Students need to submit their new application together with Borang Format A (Format Tinggal Lebih Masa) / Overstay.  Please print the form from the website.
  5. A student who wishes to change Major or Course must apply for a New Student Pass Application
  6. If you would like to travel while your Student Pass is in the process of approval from Immigration, please submit us your flight itinerary at least 10 working days before the flight departure. This will help us to collect your passport on time before your flight departure.
  7. Incomplete documents will result in delay or rejection by Immigration Office Miri.