Student Registration Checklist (Malaysian)

This checklist contains list of documents which you are required to email to Admissions Office at

No. Documents Please Tick (√)
1 Acceptance of Offer
2 Certified true copy of Completion Certificate (Foundation /Diploma/Degree)
3 Certified true copy of Academic Transcripts (Foundation /Diploma/Degree)
4 Certified true copy of SPM/O Level (actual results)
5 Certified true copy of A Level/STPM (actual results)
6 Certified true copy of 1119 English/IELTS/TOEFL
Please complete the form online:
7 Complete Disclosure of Information and Proxy Authorization form:

Please ensure that the documents are certified only by school Principals, Academic Registrar, Commissioner of Oaths, current or previous university officers and Curtin Malaysia agents.

We accept certified true copy sent via email in closing condition of the Letter of Offer.

For students who are non-Sarawakian, you are required to bring along these documents for Student Pass application on the registration day:

No. Documents Please Tick (√)
1 Malaysian Passport (must be valid not less than 1 year)
2 Copy of Entry Details (either stamped in passport or white slip issued by Immigration Officer at the airport)
3 One (1) Passport size photo
4 Copy of Offer Letter (1st Page)
5 Copy of the latest results
6 Copy of Malaysian Identity Card (front and back)

Student Registration Checklist (Malaysian) (PDF)