Undergraduate and Postgraduate Appeal Against Assessment

Students who have evidence that the grade/mark awarded for an assessment task or official unit result is inaccurate, are encouraged to raise their concerns with the Unit Coordinator.

Alternatively, they may lodge a formal appeal against assessment.

Inaccurate Assessment

A mark/grade or official unit result may be considered ‘inaccurate’ if any of the following apply:

  • Marks were added up incorrectly or the rubric was inappropriately applied
  • An assessment item that was submitted on time was not marked
  • A late penalty was incorrectly applied

Appeal reasons that are not considered ‘inaccurate’

Unacceptable appeal reasons may include:

  • Disagreement with the level of achievement to receive a particular grade in a unit
  • The amount of time, work or effort you have put into the assessment or that you received a higher grade in other assessments or other units
  • A study overload prevented you from earning a higher grade
  • Personal (e.g. IT issues, storms, work commitments, COVID lockdown, financial struggles, family issues) or medical issues which would normally be dealt with by an assessment extension or withdrawal
  • Financial implications of not passing the unit
  • The need for additional marks to secure either a pass or a specific grade
  • The application of an interim grade

Students seeking to appeal a penalty awarded as a result of the Academic Misconduct are able to appeal as part of that process under Statute 10.

Students seeking to raise concerns about:

  • Disagreement with the assessment methods approved for the unit; and/or
  • Poor teaching and/or supervision;

should raise these matters with either their UC or Course coordinator prior to the submission of work. These do not constitute grounds for an assessment appeal.

Step 1: Request a review

Contact your Unit Coordinator via email and identify if you are seeking a review of assessment for the grade/mark of a particular assessment task or the official unit result. Outline your evidence that the grade/mark or official unit result you were awarded is inaccurate and request a review of your result.

If you are unable to contact your Unit Coordinator to request a review within the timeframe above you can lodge a formal appeal without a review.

If appropriate, the Unit Coordinator may refer you to the member of staff responsible for marking the work.

Where this seems warranted, the Unit Coordinator may arrange for the assessment task concerned to be re-marked and notify you of the outcome.

In most cases the issue will be able to be resolved at this stage, however if you are unsatisfied with the outcome you may lodge a formal appeal.

Step 2: Lodge a formal appeal via the online form

Submit a formal appeal by completing the Online Formal Appeal Against Assessment Form within 10 working days of the date when you received the mark for the assessment task or official unit result.

You will need to demonstrate that your grade/mark or official unit result is inaccurate.

You should be aware that if you appeal a result, the outcome may be a higher mark/result, the same mark/result, or a lower mark/result.

The appeal will be determined within 10 working days of it being received. Once a decision has been made on the appeal you will be advised of the outcome immediately and in any case, no later than three working days from the date of the decision.

The decision of the Head of School (or authorised officer) is final.