IEP Examination

For students in Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate Level to proceed to the next level, they need to obtain the minimum overall band score at the Final examinations.
Students who fail a level twice will be terminated. Students who scored an overall band higher than the next level may skip a level as follows:


Exit Band





Upper Intermediate



IELTS is the exit examination for IEP Advanced level.
The BOE Meeting’s results will be announced to the students by the Student Service Office, usually one week after BOE meeting (within 2 weeks after the final examination).


Proceeding to Foundation or Degree Programme
Students, who wish to proceed to Foundation or Degree programme, need to fulfill the following requirements:

Foundation Programme
Writing and Speaking 5.5
Reading and Listening 5.5
Overall band 5.5
Degree Program
Writing and Speaking 6.5
Reading and Listening 6.5
Overall band 6.5

Completion of the IEP
The certificates of completions are awarded at the end of teach term.