How to apply

If you’re ready to start your uni degree, don’t waste another second. Curtin students graduate career-ready and are highly regarded by employers.

Future Student

Applicable for applicants who has never been a student in Curtin Malaysia Campus or a transferring student from other Curtin Campuses.

Prepare your supporting documents below:

a. Qualification documents (transcript  & award)

b. English qualification documents

c. Identification document (IC/Passport)

When applying online, all your supporting documentation must be provided in PDF format with a maximum file size per document of 10MB.

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* Guideline: How to Apply

Current Student

Applicable for students still admitted or studying in Curtin Malaysia Campus, would like to change course (not changing major), or completed Foundation Curtin and applying to Degree Program.

Returning student

Applicable for students who have applied before, studied in Curtin Malaysia Campus for a short period of time or deferred students

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