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Bentley Forms

All forms are also available from the Student Services Department.
To view or download the forms below, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Curtin Sarawak specific Forms.

Form Title (Alphabetical Order) Adobe PDF Date Last Updated
Application for Credit Transfer through Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL)Form Download 30 October 2013
Application for Leave of Absence Download 6 March 2013
Change of Address/Contact Details/Advice on Special Needs Form Download 6 Sept 2013
CM Scholarship Application Form Download 17 January 2017
Curtin Merit Scholarship Application Form Download 24 January 2017
Confirmation Letter / Transcipt / Fax / Photocopy Request Form and Student Request Download 2 September 2013
Credit Card Payment Authorization Letter Download 11 January 2013
Deferment Letter for New Students Download 7 March 2012
Enrolment/Change of Enrolment Form Download 5 September 2016
Examination Timetable Clash Download 5 May 2014
Enrolment to Degree Program Form Download 4 Aug 2015
Fee Installment Form Trimester 1&2 2016, Postgraduate Course Work Download 21 February 2017
Fee Installment Form Sem1 2017, Pre U Undergraduate Download 21 February 2017
IEP Enrolment Form Download 30 October 2006
MPU Manual Enrolment Form Download 5 May 2015
Referee Report (only MBA) Download 24 September 2007
Refund Application Form Download 20 April 2017
Renewal / Replacement of Student ID Card Download 11 November 2011
Request to Enrol in More than 100 Credits in the Current Semester Form Download 6 Sept 2013
Student Requisition Form Download 18 June 2015
Withdrawal From Course Download 11 November 2011

For all Higher Degree by Research forms, please visit http://research.curtin.edu.au/forms/forms.cfm.
For all Higher Degree by Research guidelines and policies, please visit http://research.curtin.edu.au/forms/policies.cfm.


Letter Purpose
CGPA To verify the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) achieved by a student. The CGPA is a calculation used in Malaysia.
Student Status To provide proof of current enrolment in a Curtin Sarawak course.
Foundation Completion  To confirm a student completed Curtin Sarawak Foundation completion date.
EPF Withdrawal Employee Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawals. For application of EPF Withdrawal, please provide a copy of your Curtin Offer Letter and current semester invoice or receipt for our reference.

Information Contained

  • Student ID number
  • Full name of student
  • Course commencement date
  • Semester enrolled
  • Title of course
  • Course duration
  • Semester fee
  • Annual fee
  • Total program fee
Open Bank Account The purpose of a Status Letter is to verify a student’s status at Curtin University Sarawak as a supporting document for opening of Bank Account.

Information Contained

  • Student ID number
  • Full name of student
  • Course commencement date
  • Semester enrolled
  • Title of course
  • Course duration

Please provide a copy of your Curtin Offer Letter.

Letter Offer (Liaise with Admission) Theoffer letter will include information on your programme of study, tuition fees, your start date and any academic/non-academic conditions you may need to satisfy.
Withdrawal To confirm a student withdraw from a Curtin Sarawak course.

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